Dec 26, 2013

'Little house in my guitar'
Years ago Helge Slikker found his home in his guitar: House no. 004

Dec 23, 2013

'Little Dull Stills' & 'The street is where'
Nicolet Pennekamp used her house twice: Houseno. 054 and 054 bis.

Dec 16, 2013

At MAUKstudio there's a village growing: Houseno. 012.

Dec 12, 2013

Rein van der Zee cheats at monopoly: House no. 017.

Dec 11, 2013

'Burnt house'
Margreet de Jong from Studio TEER burn marked House no. 062.

Nov 28, 2013

'One must learn by taking away you add'
New! House no. 032 from sculpter Rob Boekhoudt.

Nov 4, 2013

'Every house has its cross'
House no. 018 from Maike Keuben just went online!

Oct 24, 2013

Frieda Mellema tells her stories with photos. Have a look at what she is telling with house no. 002.

Oct 20, 2013

'People in glass houses..'
Victoria Collins glass versions of Houseno. 046

Oct 11, 2013

'Little Village'
Houseno. 015 from Arjan van Woensel reminds of an old street somewhere in a little village (perhaps in Tuscany, or Belgium?)

Sep 28, 2013

'Hanging Around'
Houseno. 037 has just arrived!

Aug 31, 2013

'The Universe is my home'
Houseno. 045 went online (with underneath a making of).

Aug 29, 2013

The 'House of Mauk' building project is underway
Houseno. 012 from Maukstudio / Manon Maatje

Aug 4, 2013

'House of Joy'
New submission from Rick & Veerle is online: houseno. 042.

Jul 12, 2013

Daan Rot / Maandagdaandag started working on houseno. 043.

Jul 6, 2013

'Home is where the heart is'
Ella Nitters started sawing and sanding houseno. 005.

She captured the entire build, which shows even more how detailed the heart is. Don't forget that the little wooden house measurements are only 35x35x45mm.

Jul 2, 2013

'To those who live here'
Graphical director Niek de Bruijn shows a first sketch of house no. 039.

Jun 26, 2013

New online House no. 028 and (when you scroll down) even a number 028-B from Anja Brunt.

Jun 21, 2013

Curlpower/Huisnr. 024: "Still a long way to go... But we are having fun ;) Sneakpeak! :D More coming soon!!"

Jun 16, 2013

Ro van Doesburg / house no. 019 'just a quick update / still thinking what to do'.

Jun 9, 2013

Ella Nitters is doing a complete rebuild of house no. 005.

May 30, 2013

House no. made it on design and culture blog Fontanel[dutch].

Nicely written by Marck van Dooren from

May 22, 2013

House no. 028 just got a warm welcome from Anja Brunt. More about this on her blog [dutch].

May 17, 2013

Ook Design lab MUSwerk has just recieved her house (no.030).

May 14, 2013

Brand new addition! House no. 011 from Judy Ballast.

May 2, 2013

There are 5 new participants!

Apr 29, 2013

House no. 010 just went online (and is for sale on Turbosquid).

Apr 27, 2013

Jonas and Dani from Curlpower just recieved house no. 024 (and I'm sure they will be making something fabulous with it).

Apr 24, 2013

Twinklebird (house no. 003) wrote on her blog about the house no. project.