Little houses project

I have started this project because of a fascination for basic shapes. And in particular a basic 'house' shape. I've been using it ever since I started art school. And it still keeps reappearing in my designs and ideas.

The houses are made by hand from yellow pine with their number stamped on the bottom
Sizes are: ± 35x35x45mm.

Mail me for more information, questions or if you want to participate [javascript protected email address]

And if you want to write or blog about this project: please do! Just make sure if you use any picture to include the name of the artist and a link to the original page you got the pictures from.

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Koen de Wilde

I think of myself as a conceptual designer. Everything starts with an idea. From that perspective I like to do a lot of different things: I design and make products and jewellery in small editions like rings from silver guilders [Dutch website].

I also make and develop websites en other web-projects, and love to make sketches of new ideas (which is of course the fun part of every new project, after that the hard work starts).

More information and some of my designs you can find here: [Dutch website].

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Want to join the project? That is possible, but you are not the only one.

Usually I will find and ask new 'villagers' myself, but you can always try to impress me with your work and ideas.

Send an email with some details of what you are making to [javascript protected email address].